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Lynn Robbins

It's been 5 weeks since my initial visit with Dr Morley and I have made great strides on my road to recovery.  I plan to be back running soon.  That is my goal.  The entire staff is so welcoming and I am grateful for the referral.  Thank you for all that you do.


Sarah-Jane Leftwich

After just one month of Chiropractic treatment, my back feels 10 times better than it ever did before. Thanks to Dr Morley and his great staff!


Brian Olivas

I experienced back pain for years before a friend recommended Ahwatukee Life Center. In less than a month, I've experienced a dramamtic improvement and have been extremely impressed with Dr. Morley and his staff. I'm glad that I  finally made the decision to see treatment.


Yvette Gallagher

After my car accident 6 months ago.  I have been experiencing extreme back aches and migraines. Only 2 weeks into Dr Morley's adjustments and I have NO blinding migraines!  My back and neck and wonderfully better!!! Thank God for Dr. Morley's care!


Tiffany Lossing

I was referred by a friend who has been with this office for twenty years.  When I first started seeing Dr. Morley I had constant pain in my neck.  Now I have no pain.  I sleep much better, and I feel much healthier.


Ted Protonentis

My wife recommended me to Dr. Morley.  I have 3 crushed vertebres in my low back.  More recently I have also had neck and shoulder issues due to a rough tumble I took.  Dr Morley has been able to literally keep me from having to crawl in pain. In the last 3 months I have even lost 20 pounds because I am able to move again.  I am stronger, happier, and always look forward to my treatments.


Teri Hunter-Smith

In September, I was rear-ended in a car accident. I have always been nervous about going to a Chiropractor, but this was my 3rd whiplash and I knew that Physical Therapy only did so much. I searched the web for Chiropractors in my area and found the Ahwatukee Life Center. What impressed me about their treatment of the whole body, not just my neck. With the careful explanation of my X-rays, I was able to see how my neck trauma was affecting various parts of my body. They also used the Cold Laser treatment to help with the dizziness that I suffered from after the accident. Thank you Dr Morley and staff, for calming my fears about Chiropractors. I feel SO much better!


Michael Marceau

I've been in 2 car accidents, and both times I treated at Ahwatukee Life Center.  I was treated so well and always ended treatment pain free.  I always recommend Ahwatukee Life Center and their great staff.


Cindy Starkey

I started off as a skeptic of Chiropractic care, but had no long lasting relief from to Bulging Disc's in my back.  Between the Cold Laser Therapy and Dr. Morleys excellent Chiropractic Care, I was pain free in just a couple of weeks.  I am now back to golfing and skiing.  I would recommend him to anyone suffering from Low Back Pain. His staff is awesome!


Marna Irwin

I broke my hip in the summer and started to see Dr. Morley in early January.  He has been a great help to me. I had both Chiropractic and Laser treatments.  I feel like a new person! 


Renee Hurd

I was referred by a family member for Chiropractic treatment.  After many years of back pain, I can now sleep through the night.  Dr. Morley and his staff are recommended since getting me back into better condition.

Tom FribbsTim_Fribbs.JPG

I have been with Dr. Morley's office for 20 years.  It has remained very comfortable to come to and always greeting with a smile and a warm welcome.  Dr Morley's treatments are outstanding for your health.  Don't hesitate to visit them.  You will be very pleased.


Jerry Leastman

Without the treatment I received at the Ahwatukee Life Center, I would not be walking without constant pain.  The staff is great, the treatments are professional, and the attitude of the overall office is exceptional.  Ahwatukee Life Center has my deep appreciation and gratitude.


Erin Sulzer

I was in a lot of discomfort  after my car accident.  I went to urgent care to treat my discomfort.  I was referred to Dr Morley and received the proper care. My recovery was faster than expected and I'm doing well.


Brian Northrup

Since a serious car accident in 2003 I have had extreme knee pain, after 3 months of chriopractic care, it has diminshed greatly. I will definately recommend ALC to everyone I know.


Marilyn O'Connell

Four years ago I fell to my knees after a golf shot, then discovered I couldn't walk a half a block without severe pain in my back and leg. A friend said "see Dr. Morley". One month later I won the gold medal in doubles tennis in AZ Sr. Olympics. In May I sang and danced on the Sundome Stage and was crowned Ms. Senior Arizona 2008 and will compete in Ms. Senior America pageant in Atlantic City, N.J. in October.I am 80, lovin' life and stay in maintenance with Dr. Morley.


Cheryl Sulzer

I have been drinking Xango for over 5 years as a supplement.  Recently I was diagnosed with Anemia.   I was also told that it was caused by Cancer.  I took the 21 day challenge with the Xango and added the Greens First into my diet.  After the challenge, my blood work came back COMPLETELY NORMAL!!  "Keep doing whatever you are doing" was my Doctors response.


Richard Belling

I started going to Ahwatukee Life Center about 2 monthts ago for my severe lower back pain, I have had about 80-90% improvement. I am also a diabetic with severe pain, burning feet and I was only able to be on my feet a few hours. I have also had an 80-90% improvement with that and I am now off my medication for Neuropathy in my feet. 


Rosa McCurdy

Everyone in this office is truly caring and professional. I had a serious foot problem that inhibited walking and a spinal problem that inhibited movement. I was hopelessly fatigued. After just a few adjustments, massages and Foot Levelers I am feeling great!


Erin Hall
I found this office in the Yellow Pages when I was having severe neck and back pain.  Within a week I was feeling so much better.  It has been a wonderful and amazing change.  Dr. Morley has been so wonderful and very helpful.  The staff is always great!  I never have to wait and the office hours are very convenient with my schedule.  Ahwatukee Life Center has been a wonderful experience!

John Vasquez_1.JPG

John Vasquez

It's almost impossible to Imagine that a week and a half ago, I could not walk without back pain or fear of back Spasms.  I have woken up with some level of back pain for at least 6 years.  Since coming to get regular adjustments I have no pain at all.  What a miracle worker

Reggie Binder_1.JPG

Reggie Binder

A co worker of mine referred me to Dr. Morley's office.  After returning to Advanced Auto Body in Chandler, I began to treat at Ahwatukee Life Center.  The pain in my back was too much to deal with.  Now, I sleep better, and I am able to work all day.


Pam Nunes

I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. I was in a car accident and was suffering from severe neck pains, shoulder pains, and both upper and lower back pains. Before starting chiropractic care I was having difficulty holding my head up and basically anything I did during the day caused me to be in pain. After beginning my chiropractic treatment I was able to go a whole day with out any pain. I have no pain almost every day! Thank you so much Ahwatukee Life Center you have made such a difference in my life and have made me able to live pain free! Thank you.